New Patients

Before your first appointment, Dr. Yvonna reviews pre-existing radiographs and reports. She often makes a “courtesy call” and listens to your concerns and previous experiences. This creates a comfortable “first meeting” which transitions into a review of your medical history and a dental evaluation. Typically it also includes an assessment of your TMJoints, upper airway, facial muscles, nerves, ligaments & tendons with a review of body posture and balance. Every aspect is inter-related. Diagnostic impressions of your teeth and supplemental radiographs are obtained. Dr. Yvonna then assimilates the information into a treatment plan prioritized to achieve your desired results. Treatment options and estimates are reviewed at a second consultation appointment when findings are discussed and questions answered.


After Dr. Hrabowsky has had time to assess the gathered information you will be offered a consultation appointment to review the results and discuss treatment options to meet your individual goals. Prosthodontists are skilled in many areas of restorative dentistry. Additionally Dr. Hrabowsky has pursued further studies in TMJ disorders, craniofacial pain and headaches, and sleep bruxism. Whatever your situation, you will benefit from her extensive experience as you decide your treatment direction.

Our team takes time and great care when gathering records, answering questions during consultations and performing dental treatment. You will never feel rushed or hurried. Your comfort is very important to us. Our team works together to lower anxiety and optimize comfort.


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