Prosthodontists have an extensive skill set.  There are many options from which to choose. Having a thorough evaluation is key to identifying the cause(s).  Together we help you choose the best option for you.

Ugly Tooth:  Bleach, Reshape, Bonding, Veneer, Crown

Missing Tooth:  Dental Implant, Bridge, Partial Denture

Broken or Fractured Tooth:  Composite Buildup, Crown Reconstruction* (fractures*)

Crooked Tooth:  Reshape, Bonding, Veneer, Crown, Invisalign*

Missing Teeth:  Dental Implants, Bridge, Partial Denture, Precision Partial Denture with Crowns or Implants

No Teeth:  Denture, Dental Implant Supported Bridge, Dental Implant “Snap In” Denture*

No Bone and No Teeth:  Maxillofacial Prothesis with/without Dental implants*

Sore Teeth:  Dental Bruxing Oral Applicances

Sore Jaw Joints (TMJ Disorders, Headaches):  Day and/or Night Oral Appliances, Cold Laser Treatments, Palliative Care

Sleep Disorders (Snore, Apnea etc.):  Home Sleep Test Screening (Level 1 PSG), Oral Sleep Appliances**

Oral Cancer:  Maxillofacial Prosthesis** (Assistive Device Program, Ministry of Health)

Dental Congenital Anomolies:  Crowns, Dental Implant and Bridges, Partial/Full Dentures (Sick Kids/McMaster Hospital Programs)

MVA, Trauma:  Combinations of the above* coordinated with lawyer and insurance companies

*Procedures coordinated with other dental specialists
** Procedures coordinated with medical specialists

Watch the slide show to see before and after photos of some of Dr. Hrabowsky’s patients.