About Dr. Yvonna

Dr Yvonna Hrabowsky obtained her Doctorate in Dental Surgery and Prosthodontic Specialty Certificate from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. She returned home to bring these advanced skills to the Niagara Region. As a seasoned professional she has witnessed the long term benefits when their needs are thoroughly assessed, planned and completed with an appropriate maintenance schedule. Learn more

Our Services

Usually a particular concern or difficulty compels patients to seek consultation. To be effective, two questions need to be answered. First, “What are the factors that contributed to the current condition?” and secondly, “What options are available to conservatively and economically achieve the desired outcome?”. Good dentistry should be viewed as an investment that brings a reasonably predictable, optimal result. Learn More

New Patient Experience

Your first appointment includes a comprehensive dental exam and medical history, appropriate radiographs, dental impressions to make casts, and a jaw joint analysis. All of which will allow Dr. Hrabowsky to identify treatment needs and plan for long term dental health. Learn More